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phone displaying Amazon logo one of the top ad platforms

What are the top ad platforms and are there alternatives?

Discover the top ad platforms marketers spend with and if there are any alternatives. You probably already have an idea of what the three top ad platforms are, but are there viable alternatives? A recent survey by Lawless Research and Factual found that among the 700 respondents, the percent of ad spend on Google, Facebook Read More…

2017 Holiday Marketing Tips for Affiliates

4 Holiday Marketing Tips for Affiliates

Get Ready for the Busy Holiday Shopping Season with These Holiday Marketing Tips. The busy holiday shopping season is upon us, but are your marketing campaigns ready? The fourth quarter is when many paid search marketers earn the highest payouts and generate the most revenue, not shocking when you consider that consumers are expected to Read More…

AdWords Exact Match Targeting

Big Changes Coming to AdWords Exact Match Targeting

Google is changing the way AdWords exact match targeting works Advertisers, be prepared to pay for more “exact match” clicks. Ads will begin to show for exact match keywords for searches using different word order and function words now that Google has broadened what “exact match” means. AdWords may ignore the word order and function Read More…