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A rich snippet is a special Google search result

How to Secure Rich Snippets for SEO

How to Get Google to Give Your Site Rich Snippets. Ranking for the first position on Google search results pages used to be the goal and prize for search engine optimization experts. If your site ranked number one, you could increase traffic to your site by thousands to hundreds of thousands of visits depending on Read More…

A redirect sends users from an old URL to a new one.

Ultimate Guide to Redirects

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Redirects Redirects prevent people from landing on an error page when you decide to change a URL’s structure or delete a page all together. Setting up redirects can be vital to your SEO strategy and help you preserve traffic when you need to make changes to your website. Read More…

Increase conversions by optimizing RSAs

How to Create Better RSA Ads

How to Optimize RSAs for Better Performance If you’ve never run paid search ads before, you’re probably wondering what RSAs are and what all the fuss is about. In the good old days, you could create text ads in Google Ads (ETAs) that allowed you to create a headline, description, and CTA. This allowed the Read More…