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conversion optimization

6 Marketing Tips from a Conversion Expert

Convert more web traffic by following these conversion steps No matter what form of marketing you specialize in, your primary goal is to drive conversions. Whether your campaign success relies on clicks, form submissions or leads, you’re only as successful as the quality of traffic you drive. It takes constant effort to optimize a campaign. Digital Read More…

SEO ranking

4 Ways to Maintain Your SEO Ranking

Maintain Your SEO Rankings with These 4 Methods You’ve done everything right. You’ve worked on establishing an optimized content strategy, done extensive keyword research, built a strong internal linking structure, and more – but you’re losing traffic. It’s not enough to SEO optimize a site, you’ve got to consistently work to keep that ranking and Read More…

adwords ban

Adwords Ban: Where You Can Market Online Loans

Google bans short term loan ads from its ad platform While CPCs for short term loan keywords was quite high, arguably the highest CPCs of any industry, advertisers still flocked to AdWords for lead generation. AdWords was one of the leading sources of online cash loan leads for years, even though they worked to make Read More…