6 Ways to Get Backlinks

6 Ways to Get Backlinks

backlinks to boost your website’s rankings and authority

How to get backlinks with strategies that work.

Backlinks show search engines how popular and influential your website is. The more backlinks you acquire, the more important your site seems to search engines, and the higher they’ll rank you. But getting backlinks isn’t easy, especially if you’re in a competitive industry. Here are 10 strategies you can use to get backlinks.

What is a backlink?

Before we dive into how to get backlinks, for those who don’t know, backlinks are links from another site to your website. These are different from inbound links, which are links from one of your website pages to another page on your site.

Getting added to resource pages.

One of the easiest ways to acquire backlinks is to find relevant resource pages. Resource pages are typically lists of links to relevant sites. There are resource websites or pages for just about anything. The first step is finding a resource site that’s relevant to your business or website. Next, you’ll search the site for how companies get added to the list. Some sites have forms you can complete, and others will require you to reach out via phone or email. Most of these sites don’t cost anything to be added to their list.

Using the skyscraper technique.

The skyscraper technique involves finding successful content that has earned a lot of links and creating a better version of it, then reaching out to those sites that linked to the original piece and asking them to link to your content instead. This strategy works because people typically want to have the best links on their site. Those who want to provide their website visitors with the best experience will want to link to the content that provides the most complete answers to their questions.

Conducting a link gap analysis.

Another quick way to get backlinks is to conduct a link gap analysis. This will identify those sites that link to your competitors but not your site. A tool like SEMRush or BackLinkGap.com will make this easier to do. Not every link will be a quality backlink you would want, so make sure to look out for spammy links. You can confirm if a site is credible by visiting it. Once you find pages that you would like to link to your site, you can begin reaching out.

Providing testimonials.

If it makes sense for your website, you can write blog posts that discuss products or services you like. Once completed, you can reach out to the companies or websites you mention to get backlinks. They might want to link to your blog or share it on social media to show off your positive review.

Joining a business association.

If you are a member of a business association, you could earn an easy backlink. Many business associations have websites that list members. You could ask if they would link to your business from the members page. Some associations list members by region or city. If you serve multiple areas, you could receive multiple backlinks.

Getting added to a listicle.

You probably read listicles all the time. Listicles are articles that cover the “best of” something like the 10 best affiliate marketing networks or the 5 top affiliate marketing blogs to read this year. You can find listicles by making a simple Google search for the “best of” something. Look for sites you aren’t listed on and ask to be added. You’ll probably be asked to provide reasons why you are the “top” or “best” of that topic, so be prepared to provide proof.


Backlinks are an important Google ranking factor, but they can be challenging to acquire. Look for resource pages you can submit your site to. Ask business associations to link to your site from their member page. Look for sites that link to your competitors’ sites but not yours using gap link analysis tools. Use the skyscraper technique to develop better content that sites will want to link to. Provide blog testimonials on your site and reach out to companies who will want to show them off. Find listicles and prove you deserve to be added to their list. Try these tried-and-true strategies to drive more backlinks to your site and boost your organic rankings.

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