4 Holiday Marketing Tips for Affiliates

4 Holiday Marketing Tips for Affiliates

2017 Holiday Marketing Tips for Affiliates

Get Ready for the Busy Holiday Shopping Season with These Holiday Marketing Tips.

The busy holiday shopping season is upon us, but are your marketing campaigns ready? The fourth quarter is when many paid search marketers earn the highest payouts and generate the most revenue, not shocking when you consider that consumers are expected to spend $1 trillion between the months of November and January this year. The busy season makes now the perfect time to share holiday marketing tips that work.  

E-commerce sales are expected to increase 18 to 21 percent during this holiday season, don’t miss out on potential revenue. Prepare your affiliate marketing campaigns with these holiday marketing tips.

Take Advantage of Ad Extensions in AdWords

Ad extensions are a great place to provide your holiday messaging. Use sitelink extensions to link to your site’s holiday pages. Label your sitelinks with holiday-specific wording. If you haven’t tested visual sitelinks, now is the time. Images will draw consumers to your ads, especially since many advertisers aren’t utilizing this function yet.

Use callout extensions to convey your call to action, and what sets your offer apart from the competition. Use promotion extensions to convey urgency. Include the date ranges for when the offer is valid, the shorter the date range the better the ad performs. Use structured snippet extensions for an additional place to include holiday verbiage.

Add Holiday Cheer to Your Ad Copy

Adding holiday terms to your ad copy is an effective strategy. You can use the countdown feature to create a sense of urgency, and remind shoppers how many days are left to each major shopping day, each holiday and when sales end. Many people shop for themselves during the holidays, so don’t forget to market to them with your ad copy too.

Set Up Remarketing Campaigns

Retarget consumers who visit your landing pages. Use Google Analytics custom audiences to target people who have exhibited certain behaviors on your site. Use Google Smart Lists created by Google based on your GA conversion data. Google gauges if consumers are likely to convert soon, and adds them to your smart list. Dynamic remarketing can be used to market to people who have previously searched for your product, making it easier to convert with your PPC ads.

Use Bing! Too

One of the most important holiday marketing tips we’ve learned over the years is to leverage multiple ad platforms during busier times of the year. While Bing Traffic may not convert for you as well as AdWords, it still accounts for about 30 percent of overall search traffic. The busy holiday shopping season is the time to leverage that additional traffic. Import tools make it easy to transfer your Google AdWords campaigns to Bing, reducing your workload.  

Tis the season to promote financial offers. Use these holiday marketing tips to optimize your affiliate campaigns and earn more.




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