Writing PPC Text Ads for 2017 Standards

Writing PPC Text Ads for 2017 Standards

Writing PPC Text ads

The landscape is changing. So should your PPC text ads.

The fundamentals of PPC text ad copywriting remain important, but PPC text ads have evolved so much in the past couple of years that good marketers need to evolve as well. No longer can you afford to “set it and forget it.” In today’s fast paced digital space, testing new formats, strategies, and devices is a requirement for success. In addition, writing an effective PPC text ad relies on more components than ever before. In addition to writing “winning” copy, PPC advertisers must optimize and utilize multiple ad extensions.

In January, Google AdWords rolled out the IF functions, as if writing PPC text ad copy wasn’t complex enough. This new feature allows advertisers to change the ad message depending on the user’s device. This means that your ad could send two very different messages based on the device the user is using to conduct their searches. For example, someone using their phone to search could see a message that says, “Apply from your phone,” while the desktop version says “Fill out our online form.”

This new AdWords function eliminates the need for mobile-only campaigns, or mobile-preferred ads. Instead of writing multiple ads, you can now write one that changes it’s message depending on the user’s device.

Ad Campaigns by Device

Many PPC advertisers want to know if it’s necessary to create campaigns for multiple devices. Mobile-only campaigns became a thing of the past when enhanced campaigns launched four years ago. The update made it possible for AdWords advertisers to set mobile bid modifiers and write mobile-preferred ads instead. In late 2016, Google made it possible to use bid modifiers to completely remove a source of traffic. For example, by setting a campaign with a -100% bid modifier on desktop and tablet, your ads would only show on mobile devices.

To determine whether or not to create device specific PPC text ads you must ask yourself whether or not you want to bid differently based on device, if you need device specific ad copy/ad extensions, and if you want to view your performance data separately. If the answer to these questions is yes, then you should use the new IF-function in AdWords. If at least 70 percent of your PPC text ad impressions come from mobile traffic, then you would want the ability to control your keyword bids while tailoring ad copy for mobile users.

PPC Text Ads and Ad Extensions in the New World

Your headlines are still the most important part of your PPC text ads. Your description line, display URL and ad extensions should be treated as complements to your headlines. Now that headlines are longer, many searchers are glossing over other text, including your extensions. Your headline should include any calls to action, deals, promotions are differentiators that can help you stand out against the rest.

Audience Messaging

When creating PPC text ads, it’s important to create customized messaging for your audience. For example, if you’re running a remarketing campaign the text ads should be different from your first touch campaign. Members of your remarketing audience have already been to your site, and therefore require different messaging to convert than someone who is seeing your ad for the first time. The first step is creating audiences, but once you have your audiences segmented, it’s important to understand their needs, where they are in the funnel and how best to market to them.

The PPC landscape is changing, and those who were on top, can easily fall. While there are challenges that come with these new changes, there are also opportunities for marketers to step up, and create better – more engaging – ads.


Always follow industry best practices and all applicable rules and regulations with your advertising and marketing materials. ArrowShade takes compliance very seriously. We are also here to help. For questions regarding compliance, please email us at compliance@arrowshade.com.

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