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branded keywords protection

How to Protect Your Branded Keywords

Make Your Branded Keywords Convert Even When There’s Stiff Competition While many PPC strategies have died out as platforms like AdWords have evolved, one PPC strategy that hasn’t faltered is bidding on branded keywords. By bidding on a competitor’s branded terms, brands not only hike up CPCs – but can steal traffic and sales. Here are Read More…

Writing PPC Text ads

Writing PPC Text Ads for 2017 Standards

The landscape is changing. So should your PPC text ads. The fundamentals of PPC text ad copywriting remain important, but PPC text ads have evolved so much in the past couple of years that good marketers need to evolve as well. No longer can you afford to “set it and forget it.” In today’s fast Read More…

Pay Per Click Bidding

What am I Bidding?

The Truth About How Much You’re Really Bidding If you work in a competitive industry, you probably know (or think you know) what your CPC bid is. Logging into AdWords gives you anxiety, but you do your best to balance the incredibly high bidding suggestions with your conversion and CPA goals. Whether you’re a conservative Read More…