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How to avoid and fix Google penalties

Google Penalties: How to Tell If You’ve Been Hit & How to Fix It

Google Penalties Are a Big Deal. Learn How to Tell if You’ve Been Hit and How to Make it Right. It’s time to stop looking for loopholes. If you haven’t figured it out yet, there are no shortcuts worth Google penalties. Gone are the days where SEOs can depend on outsourced articles written in poor Read More…

SEO Strategy for the new age

3 Tasks to Boost Your SEO Strategy

These Tasks Can Improve Your Overall SEO Strategy Your ability to rank has a direct correlation with your affiliate earning potential. While there are over 4 billion daily searches on Google a day, the top five results earn 65% of the clicks. Furthermore, only 25% of Google users click past the first page of search Read More…

How Microsites Effect SEO Strategy

The Problem with Microsites for SEO

How Microsites Can Do More Harm Than Good for SEO Search engine professionals debate a wide range of topics. It often seems that there are arguments for either side of any SEO strategy. A common SEO strategy often debated is the use of microsites to improve ranking. Microsites give organizations the ability to segment information Read More…