How to Recycle Content for Major SEO Wins

How to Recycle Content for Major SEO Wins

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Do you have top-performing content on your site that drives leads and conversions? You probably treasure this content, as success like that doesn’t happen all the time. Furthermore, high quality content is hard to write. If you write your own content, you’re probably limited on how much you can write. If you buy content, you might not have the funds to pay for long-form content regularly. That is why it’s important to recycle content.

In the industry, high converting and engaging content is known as a unicorn, a piece of content that performs far above other content. If your unicorn piece of content is starting to show its age, it might be losing its magic. Don’t let your conversions tank before acting.

Fortunately, there’s something you can do to bring the magic back. Here are three steps to recycle content and bring your top performing content back to life.

  1. Identify Top Performing Content

If you don’t already know what your top performing pages are, visit Google Analytics and Google Search Console. If you don’t have GA and GSC codes set up on your site, you should implement them right away.

You can set goals in GA to track conversions and see what actions are taken on which pages. If you don’t have goals set up, you can still track which pages get the most traffic and which pages are ranking the best.

  1. Simplify Your Content

If you have a successful long form peace of content, you can simplify it and repurpose it. People digest information differently. Some people are willing to read a full article, others want to view snippets in an infographic and others want to watch a video.

You can transform your long form piece of content into a PowerPoint, use Canva to create a simple infographic or create a short video.

Videos are intimidating to some, so a podcast might be easier. Simply record someone reading your post and upload it via plug in to your blog.

Help more people consume your content by simplifying it.

  1. Publish Your New Content Piece

If you transformed your long form content into a PowerPoint, upload it to SlideShare. Take your videos and upload them to YouTube and a shorter version to Instagram.

Other great places to post your new pieces include Pinterest and Quora. People love to ask questions on Quora. Answer their questions with your content piece.

Reddit is a great place to reach niche audiences and LinkedIn will help you reach business professionals.

Use engagement metrics to measure the success of posting to these sites. Use number of viewed pages, time on site, bounce rate and conversions to track the success of this amplification.


Writing good content takes time and resources. Most publishers don’t have time to put out long-form pieces of content regularly. Recycle content and make the most of your high-quality, top performing content. Repurpose it and amplifying traffic.

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