6 Instagram SEO Techniques to Try Now

6 Instagram SEO Techniques to Try Now

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Increase Affiliate Revenue with These Instagram SEO Techniques

Instagram has reached more than one billion active monthly users, making it more popular than Twitter and LinkedIn. We know you’re used to conducting SEO for the SERP to send organic traffic to your site or landing page, but did you know you can conduct SEO for Instagram as well?

Instagram is its own search engine with search functions that act similarly to Google. Here are six Instagram SEO techniques to increase traffic to your affiliate offers and earn more revenue.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Just like you would optimize your Google local listing, it’s important to optimize your Instagram profile. Your IG profile should have:

  • A colorful, on-brand profile image
  • A recognizable and easily searchable profile image
  • An easily searchable business name
  • A business account
  • A trackable link in your bio

It’s important to get the basics right for the more complex optimizations to work.

Optimize Username for Your Primary Keyword

To show up for the correct keywords in Instagram search, you need to optimize for top search positioning. Once you’ve identified your primary keyword, include it in the username of your page. For example, if your company is Funding360, your Instagram username should be Funding360loans.

Don’t believe us? Try it out. Go to IG search and search for loans.

Optimize Bio for Secondary Keywords

Secondary keywords are phrases and topics that are related to your main keyword. For example if your main keyword is “loans,” your secondary keywords might be payday loans, cash advance, etc. Your Instagram bio should be fun and informative and include a few very important search-optimized keywords.

Consider Hashtags as Keywords

Once your profile is optimized, it’s time to focus on your posts. Each of your Instagram posts should have their own hashtag strategy. Your hashtags will work like secondary keywords. Post-specific hashtags will help you reach people who are searching for terms relating to the product or service you are promoting.

The right hashtags can help users find you. By diversifying your hashtags, you can reach more people. Just remember to make sure hashtags are very relevant to the post itself.

Optimize Captions with Keywords

Your post captions should be compelling and engaging, but they should also include your targeted keywords. The right caption can draw a user’s attention and also help you show up in search results. Use keywords that will draw the right customers.

Instagram Now Has Alt Text

Just like you optimize online images with alt text for SERP SEO, you can use alt text to optimize your IG images. Created to help the visually impaired understand what a post is about, alt text can help you show up in results. Instagram created alt text automatically, so it’s better to do it yourself to ensure the caption matches the photo you’re posting.

To create your own Instagram alt text, click on “advanced settings” before posting. At the bottom will be an option to “write your alt text.”

Use these simple Instagram SEO strategies to optimize your Instagram posts and drive more targeted visitors to your page, your site and your affiliate offers to earn more.

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