How to Apply Audience Insights to Marketing Strategy

How to Apply Audience Insights to Marketing Strategy

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Audience Insights are the Key to Making Better Optimization Decisions

In the early days of SEO, keyword research was at the heart of optimization strategy. Today, user experience runs the show. With Google consistently making updates to its search algorithm to better gauge site experience, it’s important now more than ever before to understand your audience. Audience insights not only helps you design a better site experience, but can help you drive more conversions and revenue. Audience enrichment data comes from combining first-party data from your website (Google Analytics data) with data provided from third-party sources to provide a more complete picture of your visitors.

Paying for third-party audience data is a common tactic for social and programmatic marketers. One of the biggest challenges right now is how to connect search engine intent to individual customers identified through audience enrichment strategies. How can marketers match the intent to audience data? You’ve got to study your audience to identify and understand their behavior.

You can build your own data analysis that leverages machine learning. Once you’ve completed this, you can hook up your historic data to acquire the full picture.

Can’t afford to acquire third party data? Use the insights you get from social platforms and Google Analytics to make smart marketing decisions. In Google Analytics you can learn everything from where your visitors click, to what they avoid. Facebook and Twitter insights can tell you what percentage of your audience is male or female, what their top interests are, what their language is, lifestyle factors and even what mobile carrier they have.

Keen marketers use this information in everything from SEO strategy to site optimization to content strategy. Once you understand what topics your visitors enjoy you can write content that appeals to them. Posting content your visitors like will decrease your bounce rate, and increase your click through rate which will increase your site rankings. This data also helps affiliate marketers make smart decisions about the types of offers they display on their websites, and the copy they use in marketing efforts.

Use audience insights to make better optimizations whether it’s to your website, PPC campaigns or social media strategy. You’ll learn more when you listen more.



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