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Google Home Results

Voice Search: What Triggers Google Home Results?

Study Finds 80% of Google Home Results Come from Rich Snippets Voice search is top of mind for many search engine marketers. It’s an ever-evolving mystery. Digital agency ROAST hoped to de-mystify voice search with their Voice Search Ranking Report. The goal of the study was to categorize and comprehend how Google processes and responds Read More…

alexa and voice search impact on marketing

2017 Voice Search and Customer Acquisition

The Effect of Voice Search and Hands-Free Assistants Smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa are making it easier to reorder products, which is seemingly a good thing. While making it easier to reorder products can increase sales, it also makes it challenging for brands to get consumers to try new products. Thus a new problem is created Read More…

Voice Search and other 2017 SEO trends

2017 SEO Trends That Require Your Attention Now

Find Out How to Prepare for 2017 SEO Trends  For the SEO who’s battered and beaten from years of algorithm updates, 2017 won’t be any easier. Search Engine Optimization experts can expect more change in the year to come. We will see a lot of 2016 prominent trends continue to gain momentum in 2017. To Read More…