Win Mother’s Day Marketing with These Campaign Tips

Win Mother’s Day Marketing with These Campaign Tips

Mother’s Day Marketing Tips

Convert Customers Looking to Celebrate Mom This Month with Your Mother’s Day Marketing

A staggering eighty-seven percent of Americans participate in Mother’s Day each year. Mother’s Day is also a non-denominational, agnostic holiday celebrated by people regardless of age, gender or relationship. There are many tips for Mother’s Day marketing, but perhaps the most important being to leave no mom behind. Make sure your marketing campaigns are inclusive to all moms to help you win Mother’s Day marketing.

Here are some more tips for your Mother’s Day marketing campaigns.

Make Them Laugh

While other Mother’s Day marketing campaigns attempt to pull at your heartstrings, you can win just as easily by making consumers laugh. Instead of trying to make them cry, try appealing to their sense of humor. Modern moms are embracing the challenges of motherhood, and marketers can benefit from crafting messaging that celebrates reality, as opposed to ideals. Take the hashtag #momfail for example. The hashtag was popular among millennial moms, proving that moms are happy and willing to laugh at themselves.

Target by Demographics

When it comes to Mother’s Day marketing, you might find it difficult to narrow down the target demographic. There’s a wide range of people shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, so attempt to make your ads as relatable to them as possible. With ad platforms like Bing Ads, you can adjust bid modifiers based on age and gender. You can ensure the right ad groups are reaching the right people by bidding higher. While targeting a broad audience can be a daunting task, consider the types of people shopping for Mother’s Day:

  • Children – children looking for something to buy mom
  • Spouses – shopping for their wives
  • Friends – looking to buy something for a friend who is a mom
  • Moms – looking for gift ideas for themselves

Each segment has a different age range, which you can target with bid modifiers.

Get the Timing Right

Mother’s Day shopping typically starts in early April, but searches typically increase two weeks before Mother’s Day. Mobile searches surpass PC/tablet searches on Mother’s Day as shoppers scramble for last-minute gift ideas. Adjust your mobile bids to increase during the next few weeks to capture mobile users on the hunt for gifts. Promote unique products from your inventory, instead of the typical Mother’s Day gifts to inspire shoppers. During the next couple of weeks, increase the urgency in your ads by offering special promotions and informing shoppers they are running out of time.


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