How to Solve SEO Problems and Save Your Site

How to Solve SEO Problems and Save Your Site

become an SEO problem solver

SEO problems can kill a site. Learn how to become an SEO problem solver.

Anyone who has been doing search engine optimization (SEO) for a while knows that it’s a rollercoaster ride. Inevitably, something is bound to go wrong with your site. It could be a piece of content that doesn’t perform the way you thought it would or an algorithm update removes your content from page one. It’s important to know how to solve for popular SEO issues to preserve and protect your site performance. Here are ways you can solve SEO problems and save your site from major traffic and revenue losses.

Prioritize tasks that are the most impactful.

There are many ways to accomplish your site optimization goals. Some SEO updates are quick fixes that can help you drive more traffic, like updating meta data to include target keywords. But some SEO updates are time consuming and might take months to implement, especially if you need development work, like technical issues impacting your site speed. Prioritize quick wins that will help you rank now vs 6 months to a year from now.

Develop technical skills or resources you can leverage.

There are many aspects of SEO. If you develop technical SEO skills, you can problem solve more quickly and save money. Things you can do with technical knowledge include fixing XML sitemap issues, robots.txt, HTML code, and more. There are online resources and courses you can take like this one from SEMRush that will help you take on more technical updates yourself.

Having multiple content sources.

One way to get easily derailed from your SEO goals is to fall behind on content. Many SEOs don’t write their own content, relying on freelancers or content companies instead. By having multiple content sources, you will be covered if a writer becomes unavailable for any reason.

Stay on top of site performance.

In the world of SEO, things can go from good to bad overnight. It’s important to stay on top of your site analytics and rankings. You can do so by setting up a Google Analytics and Google Search Console account. You can easily set up alerts in Google Analytics to notify you if there is a decrease in traffic. You can set it up to notify you if traffic has gone down a certain percentage day over day, week over week, and so on. This will help you quickly identify when there’s an issue and address it immediately.


SEO isn’t easy. There are many challenges that you will face from fierce competition to algorithm updates. You can solve SEO problems if you prioritize impactful tasks, develop technical skills or resources you can rely on, maintain multiple content sources, and stay on top of site performance.

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