Failing to Remarket Keywords Is Costing You Affiliate Earnings

Failing to Remarket Keywords Is Costing You Affiliate Earnings

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Affiliates and Lead Sellers should be remarketing keywords to convert more.

As an affiliate marketer or lead seller, you might invest in PPC to drive traffic to your site and generate leads. If you’re experienced, you probably have multiple campaigns running, developed a list of top converting keywords, and optimized for mobile – but do you remarket keywords?

Pay per click advertising is more competitive than it’s ever been. Targeting now allows marketers to go beyond keywords and follow customers through the entire buyer journey. If you’re not remarketing keywords, you’re missing out on leads.

What is remarketing?

In case you’ve never heard of remarketing, it’s the reason you see ads for stores or products once you have left a website. These ads follow you around the web to entice you to come back and complete your purchase or a desired action established by the brand.

Remarketing allows you to engage with people who visited your website but did not complete a desired action. You can add remarketing to your PPC strategy to increase the number of touchpoints you have with a prospect.

The average cart abandonment rate was 78.65% in 2017, according to Barilliance. Imagine all the leads you could be driving if you could convert those who abandoned your site before completing an action. Don’t give up on potential revenue. These are visitors who had intent and expressed an interest in the service or product you are promoting.

How to do remarketing

Log into your Google Ads account and create a remarketing list. You can do the same on Bing. Name your list and select the type of website visitor you want to target. Set rules that will define who is to be included in your list. You’ll need to place a remarketing tag on your website, so that you can follow visitors after they have left your site.

You can select to only follow those visitors who landed on certain pages. For example, if you only want to remarket to visitors with high conversion intent, then set your campaign to target those who visited your form page or a page where they could have completed the desired action.

Remarketing ads can be customizable, so you can segment your visitors based on their page history and at what point they left your site. You can also set a timeframe for how long you want to follow a visitor after they have left your site.

You should customize your ad messaging based on the visitor’s last action. For example, if someone completes a portion of your web form, then abandons the process before submitting their request, you can develop ad copy to motivate them to complete your form.

Why invest the time and remarket keywords?

If you earn revenue from generating leads, you can’t afford not to remarket keywords. One of the best, but most expensive ways to generate leads is through Google Ads. You paid a lot for that click, and chances are there was intent to learn more about the product or service you are promoting.

Don’t let that visitor get away without providing their information. By setting up keyword remarketing, you have a better chance of converting those people who began the process but abandoned before clicking submit.

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