Leverage Long-Tail Keywords to Boost SEO & Affiliate Earnings

Leverage Long-Tail Keywords to Boost SEO & Affiliate Earnings

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How Long-Tail Keyword Targeting Can Help Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

You probably created your keyword list around what terms have the most volume, but only targeting terms with high volume puts you up against the most competitive players in your space. These terms might also not be terms with the most search intent.

Long-tail keywords could be exactly the SEO strategy you need to drive more targeted visitors to your affiliate offers to boost revenue. Here are some ways to incorporate long-tail keywords into your SEO affiliate strategy.

Focus on Keyword Intent

Intent is everything when it comes to keyword targeting. When creating your long-tail keyword list, include intent keywords that are commercial in nature and represent the bottom of the sales funnel or buyer journey.

When a consumer is further along the buyer’s journey, they will begin to use long-tail keywords to get specific information about the product or service they are researching. The right keywords to include in your list will speak to people at this stage. For example, if you were to attempt to target the keyword “payday loans” you would be up against a lot of competition, but terms like “payday loan terms” or “payday loan fees” have more intent and less competition.

Intent keywords can include terms like “best,” “cheapest” and “discount.” As searches are more specific,  they will have less volume, but that doesn’t remove the value in the term.

Link your Google Search Console account with your Google Analytics account, and check your organic queries regularly to determine what visitors are using to land on your site. Then make sure your landing pages answer the queries to keep visitors on your site and convert them.

Make sure Long-Tail Keywords are Conversational

Voice searches may be causing issues for your SEO. People who search via text tend to shorten their queries to avoid extra typing. For example, instead of typing out “how to get a payday loan with competitive rates,” they might type something like “payday loan rates” or “good payday loan rates.” As more and more people use voice search, their searches will become more conversational and longer.

Long-tail keywords are more conversational in nature. Your goal should be to create content that has the opportunity to rank for both voice searches and traditional types searches. While voice is growing, traditional searches are still popular.


When it comes to improving your SEO and driving targeted traffic to your affiliate offers, no strategy should be overlooked. That is especially true in the competitive payday loan space. Incorporating long-tail keywords with higher search intent to your SEO strategy can help you target those terms that may convert more regularly without the high competition. These same terms may also work for your SEM or PPC strategies, and help you save money on bids.

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