What You Get with Google AdWords Editor 12

What You Get with Google AdWords Editor 12

Adwords Editor 12

Google Releases AdWords Editor 12 – Check Out What’s New

In addition to a new design, Google AdWords Editor 12 comes with custom rules, faster account downloads and bidding to maximize conversions.

AdWords Editor was created to save PPC marketers time. It’s the offline version of AdWords that allows you to access account data offline, and make bulk edits. This allows search engine marketers to make edits across multiple campaigns or ad groups – saving marketers from tedious, exhausting tasks. AdWords editor made everything easier from changing keyword match types to adding sitelinks.

Learn more about the new AdWords Editor 12 features, and how they can help you optimize your AdWords campaigns.

New Design

Google refreshed the design of AdWords Editor 12 to more closely reflect the look and feel of its other products. While the new design won’t change how AdWords Editor is used, the update does make the product more visually appealing – and keeps the branding consistent.

New Rules

Digital marketers are used to Google setting the rules, but with AdWords Editor 12 advertisers can set their own custom rules for ads according to their own best practices. As an example, advertisers can create a custom rule that all search ads have four or more sitelinks as Google suggests. Advertisers will receive an alert of all campaigns or ad groups that are not following custom rules.

Better Speed

When you update to AdWords Editor 12, your data will be transferred over. Your account information will download faster than before as a result.

New Bidding Strategy

As an affiliate marketer, you’re all about conversions. Build better campaigns with Google’s “Maximize Conversions” technology introduced in AdWords last month. This feature will now be available in AdWords Editor 12 as well. The Maximize Conversions feature automatically sets bids for each ad auction that helps advertisers get as many conversions per day as possible according to your daily budget.

While this bidding strategy isn’t ideal for all marketers – those who are running brand campaigns for example – but it is useful for affiliates who only get paid upon conversion.

Other Features

New features to AdWords Editor 12 include the ability to upload 20 images or videos for Universal App campaigns. There are also new customization fields for responsive ads.

To take advantage of these new features, download AdWords Editor 12. You can take advantage of the new features, and optimize your campaigns immediately.


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