How to Secure Rich Snippets for SEO

How to Secure Rich Snippets for SEO

A rich snippet is a special Google search result

How to Get Google to Give Your Site Rich Snippets.

Ranking for the first position on Google search results pages used to be the goal and prize for search engine optimization experts. If your site ranked number one, you could increase traffic to your site by thousands to hundreds of thousands of visits depending on your industry. Then Google changed how they display search results.

They removed Google ads from the side of search results and added more ads to the top of the page, pushing organic rankings down further. They added local listing results, images, video, and rich snippets. Securing a rich snippet is now the trophy for SEOs and website owners. Affiliate marketers who can secure a rich snippet can increase traffic and sales. Learn more about rich snippets and how to secure them.

What are rich snippets?

A rich snippet is a Google search result that displays additional data, like ratings or reviews. Google can pull this data from special code known as structured data markup you add to your website HTML. In addition, rich snippets are typically accompanied by an image, which draws attention from the reader and increases click through. The interesting thing is that you can rank your site in a rich snippet but not the image portion and vice versa.

Does securing a rich snippet boost organic traffic?

While Google says that rich snippets aren’t a factor in ranking a site, studies indicate that users are more likely to click on rich snippet results than others. In addition, rich snippets appear higher up on the page than other results and are displayed differently, with a border around them, an image, and additional information including reviews and star ratings. This additional social proof can convert more searches into clicks.

How do I earn rich snippets?

To secure a rich snippet in Google search results, you will need to add structured data to the source code of your webpage. This can be challenging for affiliates who don’t have access to a web developer. If you manage your site through a tool like WordPress, you can take advantage of structured data markup plugins.

Structured data is code that communicates information about your site’s content to search engines. Basically, it turns the content on your page into a language the search engine can understand and easily breakdown.

Once you have added structured data to your site, you will need to validate it. You can use Google’s Rich Results Test Tool to see which results Google got from your code. Simply paste a URL or code into the tool. The tool will tell you if the page is eligible for rich results.

Earning a rich snippet isn’t just about code though. You also need to ensure you have quality content. Your page should be optimized for SEO. You’ll need to create content that answers the right questions, covers the right topics, and includes the right keywords to earn a snippet as well.


A rich snippet is a special Google search result that can appear above other organic rankings. It includes more information and media than typical results, which can increase your click through rate. Earning a rich snippet is important if you want to increase organic traffic to your site and stand out from your competitors. You can earn a rich snippet by creating quality content that is optimized for SEO and add structured markup code to your site’s HTML. If you don’t have a web developer or know how to code, your content management system might have a plugin you can use. Once you’ve added structured code to your site, you can test it with Google’s Rich Results Test Tool to confirm you are eligible for rich results.

Will you try for a rich result? Have a story about how you earned a rich snippet? Let us know.

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