WordPress.com Offers Advanced SEO Tools

WordPress.com Offers Advanced SEO Tools

Wordpress SEO tools

Optimize your affiliate sites faster and easier with new advanced SEO tools from WordPress.com

Search Engine Optimization is no easy feat. Webmasters must constantly implement best practices and SERP suggestions, while producing unique and engaging content that keeps visitors happy. It’s a challenging, and often unsatisfying aspect of being a website publisher.

Managing SEO yourself can be time consuming and difficult when you have a business to run. If hiring a search agency is out of the question for you, you’re not alone. Professional SEO companies can cost a fortune, so many affiliates are better off conducting their own site optimizations.

WordPress.com has now made it easier for those site publishers struggling to manage their own site performance.

The new “advanced” SEO tools will give publishers the ability to:

  • Write custom meta descriptions for blog posts
  • Write custom title elements for different pages
  • Preview how a URL will look in Google search results, or when shared on social networks

While many WordPress.org users already benefit from these tools via plug-ins, WordPress.com users – who largely consist of small businesses – did not have access to such tools.

WordPress SEO Plug-ins

If you’re a WordPress.org user, you may already use an SEO plug-in to help you rank organically for target keywords. These plug-ins make it easy for SEOs and website publishers to optimize site pages and blog posts, and keep track of content performance.

By far the best SEO plug-in for WordPress is Yoast. Highly ranked, and well-reviewed, publishers love Yoast. It gives webmasters the ability to view SEO rankings on every page and post of their website. The plug-in creates additional fields within the CMS, where writers can add everything from meta titles to descriptions based on a target keyword. After completing all fields, the writer is then able to see how they score. Yoast provides instant feedback about how your post performs best on standard SEO practices.

While Yoast is great for helping you optimize posts, the SEMRush and Google Keyword Planner plug-ins can help you create strategic keyword lists to target in your site content. Use these tools to conduct industry research, and determine which keywords will increase both site traffic and conversion rates.

Optimizing your website for search performance is the best way to increase organic visits to your site, and earn more from affiliate offers. Visit the ArrowShade blog often for more SEO tips.

Always follow industry best practices and all applicable rules and regulations with your advertising and marketing materials. ArrowShade takes compliance very seriously. We are also here to help. For questions regarding compliance, please email us at compliance@arrowshade.com.

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