5 Better Ways to Incorporate Affiliate Marketing Links

5 Better Ways to Incorporate Affiliate Marketing Links

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Affiliate Marketing Links Strategy to Increase Lead Generation

When people think about affiliate marketing, they visualize a site with tons of banner ads. That’s understandable, since that is a very traditional affiliate marketing method. Under this model, brands create banner ads, affiliates then log into networks, pull and place banner creative on their site. The goal is to have website users click on the banner ads containing affiliate marketing links and complete the advertiser’s desired action on their landing page.

Unfortunately, people have become more aware of how internet ads work, and actively attempt to ignore them. Many website publishers forget that banner ads are just one way to include affiliate links on their site. Luckily, the options for affiliates has grown and you don’t need to rely on banner ads alone.

Here are just five ways to incorporate affiliate marketing links other than in a banner ad.

Use Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest ways to promote affiliate links to relevant audiences. You can incorporate links into posts or drive targeted traffic back to your post where you embedded affiliate links. While Facebook business pages don’t work like they use to, you can still reach audiences by participating in groups. You can create a group around your niche, provide useful information and have relevant conversations to keep people engaged, so when you share an affiliate link, they will take you seriously.

Optimize and Add Images

You can add an affiliate link to the images on your posts. Investing in relevant, quality images from a stock photo site can pay off if visitors click on your affiliate links. People click on images all the time, and your affiliate link will direct them to a relevant offer when they do so. You can get free images on sites like Pexels.com and Unsplash.com. Optimize your image file names, alt tags and descriptions and your image might rank before your blog post does.

Add Affiliate Marketing Links to Your Newsletter

Your newsletter list is a powerful marketing tool. If someone subscribes to your blog, they have expressed a clear interest in your content or niche. You can leverage this captivated audience by incorporating affiliate links in your newsletters. Be strategic when it comes to placement. Don’t just clumsily place links everywhere. Make sure to naturally work in affiliate links where they make sense, and where your readers are likely to click.

Utilize Videos

Whether you vlog regularly or add videos to your blog from time to time, you can get more clicks on your affiliate marketing links by adding them to your video meta data and descriptions. This is especially relevant if you vlog about the products you promote. You can move more of your visitors down the customer journey by vlogging your thoughts and the products and services you advertise on your site.

Install a HeatMap

Want to get more clicks on your affiliate links? Install heat map technology like HotJar. There’s a WordPress plug-in for those of you who manage your blog in WP. With a heat map, you can see where your readers click, and add affiliate links to these hot locations. You can also gain valuable insight into what types of content or images attract the most attention from your site visitors.

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