Switching Affiliate Networks – How to Migrate with Ease

Switching Affiliate Networks – How to Migrate with Ease

Sometimes the quickest way to earn more is by switching affiliate networks

You’ve been running the same offers on the same affiliate networks for years now. You’re in a groove and afraid to rock the boat, but you haven’t been able to grow revenue – in fact your profits have been dwindling.

There’s something to be said about loyalty, but don’t let it keep you from growing as an affiliate. Arrowshade is one of the few affiliate networks that provides affiliates with unique offers with competitive payouts and industry leading account support.

If that isn’t enough to tempt you, consider how easy it is to migrate to our network. Switching networks is easier and less daunting than you think, especially with quality support from expert affiliate marketing managers.

Whether your network has recently shut down or you’re looking to expand your affiliate portfolio, here are 5 questions to ask when evaluating a new affiliate network.

Customer service

In Affiliate Marketing customer service takes the form of an affiliate manager. It’s your affiliate manager’s job to help you with everything from sign up to pixel placement. Find out what type of service your affiliate manager can provide, and how they can help improve sales.

At ArrowShade our affiliate managers are highly skilled and trained to be able to help you optimize your campaigns. Whether you’re running a PPC campaign or generating leads through email, our affiliate managers can help you select the right offer and creatives for optimal success.


It’s important to understand your network’s compliance policies. After all, they’ll determine whether or not you’ll be paid for the leads you generate. Find out how the network monitors and enforces compliance. How they determine fraudulent traffic, and how quickly you’ll be notified if you’ve broken any rules.

ArrowShade does utilize fraud detection technology in order to protect the quality of our leads. Learn more about our compliance policies in our compliance page.


As a publisher you may decide to post directly to a ping tree. If that is the case, it’s important to have your developer speak with someone in the dev department of the network to make sure you can integrate with their system. The same is true when hosting an offer. Identify if you have the ability to integrate the lead gen form on your site. If pixel tracking is required, make sure you have the details and understand placement.

At ArrowShade we provide detailed integration documents that will help you get set up and started with ease. Our affiliate managers will help you with placing and testing your pixel. Have a technical question? Our team is here to help.

Tradeshows and Conferences

Find out if your network attends shows. While affiliate marketing is mostly a remote online business, it’s nice to have the ability to put a face to a name. Meeting with your affiliate marketing manager in person is a great way to develop new ideas and grow your account.

Our team is always attending shows. We love meeting with our clients and affiliates in person. Our affiliate managers schedule several meetings during shows. Reach out to your representative to schedule a time at our next show.

Not already working with us? Schedule a time to meet with us and we’ll convince you why ArrowShade is the best in the business.

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