3 Types of Short-Term Loan Marketing Every Lender Can Afford

3 Types of Short-Term Loan Marketing Every Lender Can Afford

How to Out-Think Your Competition and Generate More with your Short-Term Loan Marketing

Generating short-term loan leads is increasingly difficult thanks to higher competition and dwindling effective advertising solutions. Everyone can agree, short-term loan marketing is not easy. Google Ads is a great resource for lead generators, but it’s also very expensive. Bottom of the funnel short-term loan keywords can cost upwards of $30 per click. Anyone who has ever run a campaign, knows that every click doesn’t turn into a lead, making it difficult to meet ROI with CPCs that high. In addition, Google banned short-term loan advertisers from using the platform. While some have been able to get their ads through, it’s not easy.

Whether you’re launching a new affiliate site or generating leads for your lending business, you will have a lot of competition from well-known brands. Instead of trying to out-spend your competition and make it impossible to see ROI, consider cost-effective short-term loan marketing strategies that every lending business can afford.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing campaigns work and are the most cost-effective. As the advertiser or lead buyer, you only pay for short-term loan leads, not clicks or views. You can encourage people to recommend your lending services through a page on your site or by joining an affiliate network. The benefits of working with an affiliate network include:

  • Campaign tracking – know which affiliates are performing best and where your leads are coming from.
  • Reporting – track performance in real-time.
  • Affiliate management – publishers and affiliates sourced, managed and paid for you.

Some affiliate networks provide creatives to be placed on a site or in email campaigns, while others provide forms to place on a site for direct lead generation. At ArrowShade, our publishers place web forms on their site to generate high-quality leads for our lending partners.

Content Marketing

About 90 percent of companies use content marketing to grow business. It’s a great strategy for startups and small businesses, because you can be successful with limited resources.

To be successful, you need to develop a content strategy that includes an editorial calendar. Know what you’re writing, what you need to share, and where to share it.

In a world where PPC advertising is becoming too expensive, free content marketing is a great strategy.

One content marketing strategy is to post a snippet or summary of your content on sites like LinkedIn or Medium to tease readers and get them to come to your site. You can also answer questions on Quora and link back to your site.

Public Relations

Paying for PR is expensive, but you can do PR yourself. Start by building relationships with journalists and bloggers in your industry. If you need help, try HARO (Help a Reporter). There are many subject matter experts on HARO, and there are also journalists who are looking for quotes for their pieces. You can build relationships and provide journalists with quotes and hopefully they will link back to your content or site. Help a Reporter is free to use.

Websites like PR Newswire our great for startups and small companies with small PR budget. You can pay a small one-time fee to distribute your press release to a number of publications.


If you are a lender looking for short-term loan leads, affiliate marketing is a great way to get a steady stream of high-quality leads for a better return on your investment. Contact ArrowShade today to learn more about our small loan lead generation program.

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