Lead Generation Strategies to Boost Your Link Building Campaigns

Lead Generation Strategies to Boost Your Link Building Campaigns

Try these lead generation strategies to maximize your link building campaigns.

One way to earn money as an affiliate marketer is to rank your website highly on the major search engines, Google, and Bing. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method used to rank websites. One of the most important ranking factors is building a link profile, or list of sites that link to your website. Unfortunately, link building is getting harder and harder to do.

Whether you have tried link building in the past without success or are considering launching your first link building campaign, consider applying lead generation strategies for better results.

What is lead generation?

In lead generation, a prospect is taken through a funnel or journey, from awareness to sale. It can take up to eight touchpoints before a prospect completes the buyer journey. It is incredibly rare that a prospect responds to a salesperson’s first outreach attempt, according to HubSpot.

A lead generation strategy can start with a marketing campaign designed to gather information from a prospect. Once that information is gathered, typically through a lead gen form, the prospect enters a lead nurture stage. In this stage, a prospect can be delivered relevant ads, automated emails, and personalized outreach from the sales team.

How can lead generation strategies be applied to link building?

The people you need links from are prospects. In link building, your prospects are traditionally bloggers, publishers, editors, or webmasters. Taking these prospects through a funnel can convert them at a higher rate than simply sending a cold email.

Many link builders send a few automated emails, but nothing more. Your prospects may need more touchpoints before they agree to link to your site. By increasing your touchpoints and following lead generation methods, you can make a better impression on your targets.

Here are a few ways to apply lead generation to your link building campaign:

  1. Create content with your link building prospects in mind.

Instead of creating content and shopping it around to website owners, create content with your prospects in mind. Research content that is attracting links on your topic. Visit your prospect’s site and see what types of content they link to. Once you identify what has been written, you can create something that is better. This is also known as a sky scraper strategy.

  1. Build your nurture campaign.

Many leads will need nurturing before they are ready to link to your content. You cannot always rely on a good piece of content alone. Tools like Pitchbox and LinkHunter can help with your outreach. Using these tools, you can build a series of emails that inform your prospects of who you are, what your content is, and why you think they will benefit from linking to it.

It could be that the content they currently are linking to has outdated information or has been taken down by the site. You might have included newer data points or provided a deeper dive into a topic. Make sure your prospect understands what they can gain by linking to your piece.

In addition to email, consider social media outreach. LinkedIn is a great way to connect to your prospects in a professional way.

  1. Reach out to more than one person at an organization.

In lead generation, marketers and sales teams reach out to more than one person at an organization. The number of people involved in a B2B solutions purchase has grown from an average of 5.4 to 6.8, according to Harvard Business Review. In a typical company with 100 to 500 employees, an average of seven people are involved in most buying decisions.

If you are attempting to get a link from a reputable organization with several employees, you should find multiple contacts to reach out to. You can use LinkedIn to find additional contacts by searching by company. On Twitter, you can use the bio area to identify prospects.


Link building is still a key SEO tactic. If your link building strategy could use a boost, consider applying lead generation strategies. Research your prospects and what they link to before creating content. Create a lead nurture program that includes multiple touchpoints. Diversify your outreach to include social media. Reach out to more than one person at an organization since there is often more than one person responsible for making decisions at a company.

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