Improve App Downloads and Increase In-App Revenue

Improve App Downloads and Increase In-App Revenue

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Improve Mobile Campaigns and Drive App Downloads With These Best Practices

If you’re having an issue increasing app downloads, you might not be leveraging mobile app marketing best practices. Increasing app downloads not only increases engagement and product buy-in, it also increases ad revenue.

Follow these mobile marketing best practices to increase app downloads, and improve ad revenue from your mobile application.


Running a mobile app, means your target audience is reaching you by mobile device. That’s great news, because it means you can leverage geo-targeting. The determined locations of these consumers may contain details about their current mindset and environment at any given time. With that information, you can create and show more relevant ads and offers to help improve conversion rates from your campaigns. Companies can use platforms that offer geotargeted content so that everything from the app language to displayed results vary depending on the consumer’s current location.

Leverage Cross-Channel Integrations

Optimize your marketing for multiple channels and devices. Cross-channel commerce is a marketing strategy that involves integrating multiple channels to promote, sell and interact with customers. It’s important that your ads and products are being seen the way they were meant to be seen. Make sure to check your ads and your app on multiple devices and platforms to ensure everything displays correctly. One render issue can lead to a significant drop in conversions an ad sales.

In-App Marketing

According to a recent survey, 88% of mobile user’s time is spent within apps. The best place to reach consumers is within mobile apps themselves. Test in-app promo offers and push notifications to expand your app audience. One way to capture audiences in apps outside of your own is through discounts or in-app rewards.

Increase Reviews

One of the best ways to increase app downloads is by increasing the amount of reviews you receive. Incentivize your users to leave reviews to increase reviews of your app. Offer freebies, discounts or offer special features when people rate your app. More reviews will not only help your app appear more legitimate, it will also help you increase ranks in the leaderboard.

Referral programs are another great way to improve app installs. Offer rewards or incentives to your loyal users for every friend they refer who downloads your app. By increasing app downloads, you’ll increase usership, and the revenue you can generate from in-app ads.



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