An Affiliate Marketers Tips for Monetizing a Website

An Affiliate Marketers Tips for Monetizing a Website

monetizing a website

Monetizing a Website is Easier with This Marketing Plan

Whether you blog as a hobby, or as a profession, there are plenty of ways to generate real revenue through producing great content. Depending on the subject of your site – and your audience – monetizing a website through affiliate marketing is a great way to earn additional revenue. Besides affiliate marketing, publishers can generate revenue through paid ad placements, and programmatic ads.

Getting Started

Monetizing a website is impossible if you don’t have ad space already designated on your website. Use Google In-Page analytics to find high traffic areas on your site. Traditionally high volume areas include the top header of the home page, and sidebar, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other high traffic areas on your site. In-Page analytics will show you where visitors click on your site, revealing the types of content they like and engage with, and what areas of your site are ignored.

Once you have designated where to place your ads, it’s time to start considering ad types. If user experience is your priority the best types of ads are banner ads. You can fill banner ad space with affiliate offers, paid ad placements or programmatic ad networks like AdSense or Google DoubleClick. To maximize earning potential, some publishers will incorporate contextual ads in addition to other methods. These ads launch pop-up bubbles when the user scrolls over designated keywords, which some users find distracting.

Creating a Marketing Plan

Create a marketing plan based on your goals is one of the most important steps to monetizing a website. List all the ways you plan to generate revenue, and set projections based on traffic numbers. Create a media kit, that lets advertisers see available ad space and compare pricing. Include metrics and traffic numbers in your media kit to help them make a sound decision.

While you and your team work to secure paid advertisers, affiliate offers are a great way to generate revenue. You can access offers from affiliate networks like ArrowShade. Compare affiliate offer stats like earnings per click, conversion rates and other metrics to help you decide which offers to add to your site.

Google AdSense and DoubleClick for publishers is another great way to generate revenue. These sites use programmatic bidding to fill open ad space on publisher sites. You place ad code on your site based on ad location, and advertisers bid to appear on your site. They then pay you per click on an ad. You can optimize your campaigns by blocking certain advertisers, and targeting others.

Drive Targeted Traffic

Monetizing a website is easier when you drive quality traffic to your site. You can improve the quality of your site traffic by making a few adjustments to your site. Target keywords that convert. Don’t know what converts? Run an AdWords campaign with a small budget. Test keywords to see which convert. Once you know what terms lead to sales or conversions, you can incorporate them into your meta and on-page content.

You can also drive targeted traffic through paid campaigns on search engines or on social. Facebook allows you to upload custom audiences, which you can generate using your newsletter email list. By driving targeted traffic to your site you can increase the quality of traffic and conversions.

How do you generate revenue on your blog? How have you improved traffic performance? Share your trips in the comment section below. Join the ArrowShade affiliate network today.


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