Financial Affiliates: How to Make the Most of Q1

Financial Affiliates: How to Make the Most of Q1

Financial Affiliates: How to Make the Most of Q1

Here’s how financial affiliates can make the most of Q1.

Are you an affiliate that promotes financial offers? The first few months of the year are important for you. The beginning of the year is a great time to reach new audiences in need of quick cash. Whether they’re recovering from holiday overspending, taking advantage of sales, shopping for a vacation or make healthy changes in the new year, it’s a great time to be a financial affiliate marketer.

Here are some tips to help financial affiliates with Q1 campaign planning.

  1. Target vacationers.

January can be one of the hardest times a year for people. While bank accounts may be low from holiday shopping, spirits are just as low. The holidays are over, and the weather is getting worse. That’s why many begin planning trips to warmer climates. Everyone from families to college students are eager to book their next vacation in Q1. During the first quarter, people are researching cheap vacations and travel deals. Google trends shows that the phrase “best travel deals 2019” was most searched during January and March of last year.

Financial affiliates can benefit by promoting cash advances to consumers looking to getaway. Focus promotions on taking advantage of the upcoming President’s Day holiday and Spring Break. College students will be searching for ways to fund spring break trips to tropical locations. For payday loan affiliates, this is a great opportunity to provide 18 to 22-year-olds with the quick cash they need and ability to build up their credit.

Lenders can leverage these strategies to reach this demographic during Q1:

  • Increased placement of limited time offers on affiliate sites
  • Reach out to affiliates who have travel content
  • Work with publishers who have audiences that are college age or families
  1. Target those with New Year’s resolutions.

During the first quarter, many people make New Year’s resolutions and are still sticking to them. In addition to becoming healthier, many Americans want to get fiscally in shape as well. Many people are looking to change spending habits and pay off debt. They may be looking for balance transfer opportunities or small loans to pay off holiday debt.

Affiliate marketers can leverage a few different strategies to make the most of the season. Partner with brands or affiliate networks that have financial offers. Now’s the time to test credit card and short-term loan offers. Use language related to New Year’s resolutions. If you manage a site, create content around how to become fiscally responsible, how to budget, and more to draw in the right audience.


Financial affiliate offers often payout at a higher rate, but affiliates have even more to gain by running these types of offers during the first quarter. By leveraging consumers desire to travel or make New Year’s resolutions during this time, advertisers can grow business and affiliates can boost annual revenue.

We’re already a few weeks into the first quarter. Now is the time to take advantage of the market. Sign up to join the ArrowShade Affiliate Network today and start earning more this year.

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