Best Holiday Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Best Holiday Affiliate Marketing Strategies

holiday affiliate marketing tips

Strategies to Help You Meet Holiday Affiliate Marketing Goals

With the holidays around the corner, now is the time for affiliates to prepare for the biggest shopping time of the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a few weeks away, but there’s still time to utilize winning strategies to help you optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns for the season. Here are six strategies to help you meet holiday affiliate marketing revenue goals.

Review Past Performance

Review last year’s holiday campaigns to improve holiday affiliate marketing campaign performance in 2017. Analyze the performance of your site, and the affiliate offers you ran. Analyze paid placements, average order value, returns, and promotions. After reviewing your 2016 holiday campaigns, review campaigns from Q1 and Q2 of 2017, to identify any successes. Look for offers with higher payouts and better conversion rates. Once you’ve identified which offers worked best, work them into your holiday campaigns – and look for any similar offers to test.

Build Campaigns Around Multiple Shopping Holidays

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are popular shopping holidays to target with your ads, but there’s also Singles’ Day (a Chinese retail day) on November 11th, and Free Shipping Day on December 15th. Target holidays by using them in your ad copy and banner ad images. Increase spend on these days to maximize conversions.

Communicate with Your Partners

Speak to your partners to identify any sales or promotions they plan to offer during the holidays. Have them share sales goals, so you can help. Find out where they’re spending the majority of their ad budget, to help shape yours. Ask for information about creative performance, to help you optimize your ads. Lastly, ask for a boost in commission during the busy holiday season when you can drive more conversions.

Mobile Optimize

Make sure your site is mobile optimized. Mobile sites received 56 percent of retail traffic during Thanksgiving and Black Friday last year. Publishers with mobile-optimized sites had 10 percent more mobile clicks than those that were not. Earn more revenue during this busy time of year by getting your site mobile-ready. Likewise, advertisers with mobile-optimized sites saw more conversions than competitors with non-optimized sites. A mobile-optimized site is intuitive, and has a lower load time.

Personalize Messaging

If you market several affiliate offers, it can be difficult to reach target audiences. Make sure to group ads by target audience. Then you can customize the messaging in your ads and on the page. For ad campaigns, advertisers should create custom messaging that meets the needs of your target audience. Discover what their needs are, and use your ad copy to convey the solution.  

Holiday Advertisers

As the advertiser, there’s a lot you can do to prepare for the holidays as well. Offer opportunities like an offer flat fee or an increase on commissions to drive more traffic to your offers during the busy holiday shopping season.

Make sure your offers are compelling. Create custom creative for affiliates to run. Offer special promotions like a free gift with purchase to help affiliates drive more conversions.

Incentivize your best publishers, and test new publishers in October. You may find some great new partners before the big push begins.



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