How to Become a Likable Link Builder

How to Become a Likable Link Builder

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Earn more links by becoming more likable

You’ve done your research, crafted an intelligent article with a fresh perspective, but you’re not getting the links you need to increase your organic rankings. If you’re not getting as many links as you think you should, you might not be a likable link builder.

Don’t let your pride get in the way of getting real results. You could be following best practices, and still not seeing the links you need to rank. Becoming a likable link builder can have little to do with your actual content, and everything to do with your outreach. Good relationship building is the key to successful link building.

Here are some tips for perfecting your webmaster outreach to become a more likable link builder.

Stop Stalking Bloggers

If a website doesn’t provide any contact information, it’s likely that they don’t want to be contacted. If you go out of your way to hunt down their contact information, chances are you’re just wasting your time. If a webmaster doesn’t want to be contacted, what are the chances they will want to link back to your content?

Let Go, and Move On

If someone responds to your outreach with “leave me alone,” do so. Accept that they mean it when they say they’re not interested. Keeping someone in your cadence isn’t going to do you any good when they’ve stated their disinterest. Multiple attempts only annoy prospects, and can lead to negative responses like marking you as spam. Make sure to add people to your “do not contact” list to prevent future outreach. Don’t ask why they don’t want to be contacted, move on.

Don’t Creep Out Prospects

In today’s competitive digital space, many link builders believe that multiple touches are the key to success. The old school belief is that it’s not enough to email someone, you’ve got to reach out to them on every platform. While it is a good strategy to hit prospects on multiple platforms, only do so if they haven’t rejected you. It’s creepy to follow someone on multiple social media platforms after they’ve said no.

Don’t Take Rejection Personally

If a webmaster rejects your proposal, try not to let it offend you. Your content may be amazing, but it might not be the right fit for the webmaster’s site, their audience or the direction they’re taking the site. Don’t waste your time going back and forth with a webmaster who rejects you. Instead, move on and spend your time prospecting new great sites. Not every webmaster is going to tell you why they’re not interested. This can feel frustrating, but begging for a response won’t do you much good.

Building link building relationships is similar to building real-life ones. The majority of the links you’re going to get will come from a webmaster who likes you and/or what you represent. Approach your link building outreach as you would a real-life situation. You wouldn’t badger someone to be your friend, don’t badger webmasters for links.

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