Three Ad Strategies the Big Brands Use

Three Ad Strategies the Big Brands Use

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Achieve Low CPA & High ROI with These 3 Ad Strategies

As an affiliate there are both challenges and great opportunities that arise from promoting a diverse group of affiliate offers. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or a big consumer brand, you share the same goal: to earn the most qualified leads/sales at the lowest cost per acquisition.

Here are 3 ways to spend ad dollars that yield the best returns for small B2C affiliates:

  1. Facebook & Instagram

Both Facebook and Instagram are ideal for B2C advertisers. Facebook has access to a wide range of demographics, which advertisers can use to target consumers. You can serve your ads based on location, age, gender, profession, interests, and other accounts they follow and/or engage with. You can also take it a step further and target based on behavioral data. The level of targeting achievable on social media is a lot higher than the level available on platforms like AdWords.

Start by building a user-persona or target audience. Use data from Google Analytics and other data mining tools to determine who your target market is. Once you have the demographical data, you can apply this to your campaign settings. If you’re going to advertise on Instagram, you must dedicate your time taking great photos or compiling engaging videos.

  1. Retargeting/Remarketing

While display advertising is difficult for lead generation, it is the best way to re-engage consumers once they leave your site. There are multiple retargeting platforms to choose from. Google offers remarketing with no added management fee. This feature utilizes your Google tags to build audiences, which you can then target with paid campaigns. Other platforms like Ad Roll provide remarketing, but charge a management fee in addition to your other costs.

  1. Email Marketing

You may be surprised at just how well email marketing traffic converts, especially since we all get so much email on a daily basis, both important and spam. As long as you provide unique value to the user, and send offers that represent their interests, you can increase revenue and ROI. Provide your visitors with multiple opportunities to join your mailing list. Offer users unique content, special offers, promotions, or other information that they find relevant. Highlight the value of signing up on your email submit form to increase submissions.

How do you generate revenue and increase ROI? Do you use social, retargeting, email marketing or all of these methods?

Always follow industry best practices and all applicable rules and regulations with your advertising and marketing materials. ArrowShade takes compliance very seriously. We are also here to help. For questions regarding compliance, please email us at

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