3 Additional Ways to Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business

3 Additional Ways to Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money on the side or be your own boss. Here are some additional tips you might not have heard of that will help you grow your affiliate marketing business.

Do deep competitor research.

Knowing who your competitors are is an important first step to grow your affiliate marketing business, but it’s not enough to just know who they are. You need to know who your competitors are on the mediums you plan to advertise on – whether you’re looking to own SERP results (search engine results pages), paid ads or the inbox. You need to determine how your site or landing page compares to your closest competitors. This is the best way to identify how you can differentiate and add value for the consumer.

Why would a consumer choose to visit your website or complete your form versus an established brand or other affiliate site? Reviewing your competitor’s UX (user experience) or landing page experience will help you create a landing page or website that offers a better experience to your target audience. You need to form a competitive edge and give consumers a clear reason why they should trust you, trust your website and provide their personal information.

Find new and unique ways to reach more people.

Videos aren’t just a great way to grow an audience. They can also help you grow your affiliate marketing earnings. YouTube is a great place to drive more traffic to your affiliate links. Creating video content can help you build strong connections with your target audience and earn their trust. Over 70% of marketers claim that video produces more conversions than any other content, according to IdeaRocket. Users spend 88% more time on a website that contains video and video content generates 1200% more shares than image and text combined.

Some main reasons why video content works better than text include:

  1. Video is attention grabbing
  2. The brain processes visuals much faster than text
  3. Video content engages viewers and drives action
  4. Video content is memorable

Build connections within communities.

Find a community where your target audience spends time, join, and contribute. This is a long-term strategy because you will need to form genuine connections and provide real value to the people you interact with. If you simply join a community and share affiliate links, you could end up annoying other members and could even get kicked out of the community.

Good affiliate marketers create quality content. If you are creating useful and engaging content, chances are the community won’t mind if you share. Just make sure you are sharing things that provide value and you can build a great report with a very targeted audience, driving high quality traffic back to your site and affiliate offers.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn more money. There are many ways to grow your affiliate marketing business. A good place to start is to research the competitive landscape and make improvements to your website, landing pages, ads and so on. Creating engaging video content can help you earn more fans and convert more of those fans into leads or sales. Joining the right communities and contributing can help you build trust and relationships with your target audience.

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