3 Reasons to Join Financial Affiliate Programs

3 Reasons to Join Financial Affiliate Programs

Financial Affiliate Programs Payout

Affiliate Marketers Earn More from Financial Affiliate Programs

Whether you’re launching a career in affiliate marketing or attempting to monetize your website, affiliates must decide what types of products they want to promote. There are two general categories of affiliate programs – those that represent physical products and those that feature digital information products.

Physical Products

Physical products are items you can touch. Thanks to the success of e-commerce sites like Amazon, most major retailers sell merchandise online. These retailers rely on affiliates to promote their products online to boost online sales and brand awareness.

Many affiliate marketers like promoting physical products, especially if their niche involves physical activity and equipment. That includes publishers who specialize in sports, fitness training, gardening and home décor.

Digital Products

On the other hand, digital products are intangible objects. They can include services like financial services or digital information products like e-books, software, and online video courses.  Affiliates like running these types of offers for many reasons, including potential earnings.

There are multiple benefits to joining financial affiliate programs including:

  • Easy to launch
  • No inventory
  • No sales or deals
  • Higher profit margins

Easy to Launch

Joining a financial affiliate program is easy. You simply sign up, and wait for approval. Once approved, you’ll be given unique links for tracking and ad code to place on your website. You can track performance from the dashboard, and make optimization decisions based on the data.

If you’re planning to promote ads as a publisher, you’ll need content. If you have a website, getting started can be as simple as writing a blog post. If you’re skilled at pay per click marketing, you can use your unique links to run ads across platforms like AdWords and Facebook.

No Inventory

When you promote physical products, you rely on inventory. If the seller runs out of inventory, you’ve lost your ability to generate income. Inventory can change at the seller’s discretion, which can leave you high and dry as an affiliate.

No Sales or Deals

Advertisers who represent physical products often offer special promotions. As an affiliate, it’s your responsibility to swap out ads for ads that promote active deals and current pricing. You also lose revenue each time the seller decreases the product pricing. Financial products are stable, and require less upkeep for affiliates.

Higher Profit Margins

Financial offers often payout at a higher rate. The payouts vary, but they average around $59. Some financial affiliate programs payout on a revenue share model, where affiliates receive a percentage of what the lead sells for. Compare payouts to guarantee the best rate.

As an affiliate marketer, there are hundreds of offers to choose from. Whether you promote physical or digital products is up to you. To choose the right offers, consider your niche, and the market.


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