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Google Expanded Text Ads

Google Expanded Text Ads: What You Need to Know

Google Expanded Text Ads Questions Answered For affiliate marketers who run pay per click ads the struggle has been real. Pay per click affiliates have many challenges, one being those very restrictive character counts. How is anyone supposed to effectively demonstrate the value of a product or service in just 30 characters? Well there’s finally some Read More…

Competitor's keywords

I’ve Got Your Customers – Optimize for Your Competitor’s Keywords

If your competitor has the market cornered you can win by targeting your competitor’s keywords Tired of your competitors stealing away all your leads? Whether your competition is a well-known brand, or just really good at SEO or SEM, you can increase your market share by targeting your competitor’s keywords. There are several things to consider Read More…

Optimize AdWords

The Aftermath – How to Optimize AdWords for the Top 4

As Google Shifts Its Priorities Affiliates Must Optimize Adwords In recent months Google began testing showing four ads instead of three at the top of search results, and now it’s completely removed right-column ads. It’s now more important than ever to optimize Adwords spend. If you’re a paid search marketer or PPC affiliate you may Read More…